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Training & Placement

Selecta Placement Centre provides both industrial training and placement opportunities including Professional Conversion Programmes, help jobseekers to reskill themselves and to obtain the necessary knowledge and competencies to take on a new jobs.  This enhances the jobseekers’s employability as they have the necessary competencies to take on the new jobs.

Selecta’s training and placement programmes are usually offered as a (1)Train & Place or (2) Place & Train based.  These programme can be at all levels occupations.

List of Train & Place Programmes List of Place & Train Programmes
» Child Carer

» Eldercare Support

» Preschool Teachers

» Domestic Helpers

» Housekeepers

» Preschool Teacher Aide

» Geriatric Carers/Aged Carers

» Beauticians

» Admin Assistant/Secretary

» Clerical Support

» Accounts Clerks

» Data Clerks

» Fashion & Textime Professionals

» Nursing Aide

» Beauticians and Spa Therapist

» Bar Tenders/F & B

» Rehabilitative Therapist

» Housekeeping

For more details, Contact Our Placement Coordinators.
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